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Reclaim your freedom...
Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address:
    “...that we here highly resolve that
    these dead shall not have died in vain
     --that this nation, under God shall
    have a new birth of freedom – and
    that government of the people, by
    the people, for the people, shall not
    perish from the earth.”

Ronald Reagan:
    “Government’s first duty is to
     protect the people, not run their
Remember what our founding fathers intended for this great nation...
Samual Adams:
    “The liberties of our country, the
     freedom of our civil constitution,
     are worth defending at all hazards.”
Stop them from turning us in to a socialist state...
Benjamin Franklin:
    “Those who would give up essential
     Liberty, to purchase a little
     temporary safety, deserve neither
     liberty nor safety.”

Help us get the word out!

Our great nation is heading for some massive debt that our children and our children’s children will have to pay for their entire lives.  If the government controls any more aspects of our lives, generations to come will have few, if any options.  Let your congressmen know that you don’t want government control!

We sell window stickers for your car and home.  Our stickers are clean and clear with white lettering so the message really pops out!  They come in two convenient sizes and are removable!  Buy them for your car and for your home.  Buy them for your friends and for your neighbors.  Soon we will be selling T-shirts, so keep visiting. Help us get the word out so that we can turn this around before the next election
18 x 6.4 inches
11.5 X 3 inches

Time is running out.  We welcome tea party and town hall friends to join us and fight to reclaim American freedom.
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